face recognition

Ghost employees and buddy punching have been an issue for quite a few businesses already. But why pay money to non-existent employees?

According to the ACFE, 29% of companies internationally experience payroll fraud. It takes around 24 months to detect this type of fraud, which means huge amounts of money lost in the meantime.

Our employee time and attendance tracking software powered by the most recent face recognition technology will make it easy to track your employees daily and will ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.


Because the face recognition technology provides more accuracy than others. Fingerprint systems are a good example to compare. For people who work with their hands there is a high rate of failure on finger punching.

Why? Because out at the construction site, the workers’ hands get dirty and the equipment gets covered with dust and dirt really quickly. This can make it a nightmare to check in and out. Also, if there happen to be dishonest people out there, they can use all 10 of their fingers to check in and out for ghost employees.

Shocking? Yes. And we couldn’t agree more.

That’s why the best solution is SiteTrack360 time and attendance tracking software powered by face recognition. The latter allows identifying and verifying your employees daily within seconds and without much effort.

You will need to add a profile photo of each employee in your ST360 database on and then download the Clock App to your mobile device to punch in and out.The App can be used either in Kiosk mode to centralize all punchers, or you may use the personal clock app to allow people to punch in and out individually.

The software will take a punch photo, then use the employee’s profile photo from your database to compare and automatically verify them. It will also flag missed punches and suspicious or unrecognized punches so that you will know if there are any problems with any of your workers’ time and attendance.


no connection

SiteTrack360 will store all the punches until you reconnect.

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