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Powered by the most recent face recognition technology

Say bye to ghost employees and buddy punching!

SiteTrack360 uses the most recent face recognition technology to help easily track your employees’ time and attendance. We know that managing any workforce can be challenging. Here is a quick and easy solution to help your employees punch in and out more accurately than ever before.

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Face Recognition

The most recent technology allows all your employees to punch in and out more accurately than ever before!

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face recognition


Geo-Fence ensures your employees punch at their assigned location.

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Flag alert system

Interactive flag alerts appear on your dashboard and notify you of any abnormal activity such as a pin punch, missed punch, failed attempt and more.

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flag alert system

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Get more accurate and efficient

Labor costs are a large part of your budget. Controlling labor costs will impact your profit tremendously. SiteTrack360 makes it easy to manage your employees’ time and attendance through its most innovative facial recognition technology.Time to get to work, everybody!Our solution provides the right information in real-time and eliminates any risks of buddy punching or cheating. Even at times of no internet connection, you can rest assured that all punch in and out records will be stored and added to your dashboard once reconnected.

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Practical Features, Innovative Design

SiteTrack360 comes with multiple unique features that have proved to be especially handy. The unique thing about SiteTrack360 is that you don’t have to be a techie to use it. The beautiful interface and easy navigation will guide you smoothly towards accomplishing your goals.

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Face Recognition

Punch in under 3 seconds.
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Adjust the radius of your job location and control who works where.

Photo Verification

Combined with Face Recognition eliminates cheating.

Cost Coding

Drag and drop method makes coding labor easy and fast.
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Built-In Chat

Send supervisors important messages about job site attendance.
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Offline Punching

No connection, no problem. Sitetrack360 stores all the punches until you reconnect.
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SiteTrack360 DOES IT ALL

From face recognition and Geo-Fence verified punches to internal communications for problematic flagged punches, cost coding labor hours integrated with your accounting system, SiteTrack360 is your one-stop solution for all your labor management needs.